SkyPhone Softphone

Access to Sky DANCE - in your Pocket!


Sky Network’s “Skyphone” app leverages the latest technology to offer, SIP-based voice, video, text and multimedia messaging services on the popular iPhone and Android platforms. It is designed as an OEM product that can be customized to fit the exact needs of companies of all sizes. It is perfect for service providers that are using our Sky PBX solution or it can be used in conjunction with wholesale, international and prepaid VoIP services. It also makes a great platform to deliver customized command and control or communications services. If you are looking for a custom solution, Sky Networks also can provide app development for almost any idea on all the major platforms- see Services

SkyPhone Specifications:

  • Codec support: G.729, AMR, GSM, PCMA, PCMU, Speex, Opus, H.263, H.264, VP8 (G.729 and H.264 require licenses)
  • NAT Traversal: Using STUN/TURN/ICE
  • Networks: 3G/WiFi – selectable
  • Native/Hybrid
  • Configurable Ionic or React front/back end for easy customization
  • Centralized provisioning
  • Uses Sky DANCE RESTful APIs for configuration
  • Cordova plugin available to integrate SIP calling into existing hybrid apps.
  • WebRTC option

Download Skyphone for Android

Download Skyphone for iOS

These are screenshots of the main screen, a video call, and the contacts screen.


These are screenshots of the settings, messaging and a contacts search.