Sky Dance

Cloud-Ready, Distributed Adaptive Network Control Environment


In the ever-evolving communication market, service providers often grapple with the decision to "build or buy". The choices are typically:

  • Opting for large Telecom solutions that are:
    • Expensive
    • Less flexible
    • Not aligned to specific needs
    • Backed by teams that may not be fully committed to your success
  • Or, experimenting with open-source alternatives, which:
    • Require hiring and managing dedicated technical teams
    • Potentially lead to unstable foundational structures for business operations

Sky Networks offers an alternative: Sky Dance

  • Massively scalable, secure, AI-enhanced VoIP switching framework
  • Facilitates businesses of all sizes in developing, launching, and managing advanced telecommunications applications and services across all devices
  • Allows optimal market engagement and opportunity utilization
  • Supports a variety of applications encompassing voice, video, messaging, data, and more
  • Provides the core for Sky Networks’ suite of innovative, device-agnostic solutions
  • Employs RESTful APIs for seamless integration into present systems and mobile apps
  • Is foundational for class 4/5 switching and hosted unified communication capabilities
  • Complements add-on solutions such as Sky Central, Sky View, Sky Phone, and the SS7 gateway

Our vision for Sky DANCE:

  • Deliver a user-friendly, robust, and scalable telecommunications solution
  • Enable customers to focus on maximizing revenue and service quality
  • Integration of top-tier open-source technology from projects like Freeswitch, Kamailio, Redis, Postgres, and others with Sky Network's own proprietary software to build best-of-class communications solutions that are still affordable
  • Incorporate in-house technology expertise and AI for streamlined administration, operation, and expansion
  • Feature an integrated GUI, number translations, in-memory databases, least cost routing, redundancy, geographic distribution, reporting, monitoring, and more
  • Offer a comprehensive RESTful API for effortless integration with existing CRMs and backend solutions
  • Optional STIR/SHAKEN, SIP-I/SIP-T, Baudot, RTT, support

In essence, Sky DANCE stands as an integrated, thoroughly tested, and ready-to-use global communication solution that can be tailored to specific needs and is backed by telecom experts and enhanced by AI.

The Sky Dance Architecture consists of a set of core functionality consisting of:

  • A SIP Proxy
  • Infrastructure Components
  • Reporting
  • RESTful APIs
  • A Session Controller
  • Database
  • Process monitoring/management

Optional components can be added to the “core” offering to add functionality. These components include the SS7 gateway, SkyPhone, Sky Director or customized applications built to spec.

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