Sky Dance

Cloud-Ready, Distributed Adaptive Network Control Environment


Sky Dance – is a massively scalable, secure infrastructure framework that enables companies of all sizes to build, deploy and manage advanced applications and services across any device to take full advantage of today’s ‘Internet of Things,’ or ‘smart’ technology market. Sky Dance enables the creation, scale and management of apps of all kinds incorporating voice, video, messaging, data, and other technologies . Sky Dance forms the basis for a suite of device agnostic, innovative solutions from Sky Networks. RESTful APIs allow easy integration into existing front and backend systems or mobile applications.

When building Sky DANCE we began by selecting from best-of-breed open source technology from a number of open source projects such as freeswitch, kamailio, redis,postgres and others. To build Sky DANCE we added our own industry expertise to make a complete solution that is easy to administer, operate and expand. This included adding important features like an integrated GUI, pre, mid and post translations on calling and called numbers, in-memory databases, built-in redundancy for call processing and database operations, reporting, monitoring, call tracing and a RESTful API to make integration with existing CRM and other backend solutions simple. Our APIs include all the APIs inherited from the projects in the solution as well as our own APIs. Important features such as SIP-I/SIP-T and MGCP support are also available.

Sky DANCE solutions are available on popular virtualized environments such as Amazon's AWS or VMWare or they can be delivered as a stand-alone solution running on prebuilt servers running CentOS or Ubuntu. Sky DANCE systems can be as small as a single server with 250 simultaneous calls or as large as a distributed multi-state or country network operating with a central administration point. This means when selecting Sky Networks and our Sky DANCE solutions you can start from whatever size you're currently at and grow as big as your dreams without the fear of being stranded with a solution that hasn't been tested or won't scale.

The Sky Dance Architecture consists of a set of core functionality consisting of:

  • A SIP Proxy
  • Infrastructure Components
  • Reporting
  • RESTful APIs
  • A Session Controller
  • Database
  • Process monitoring/management

Optional components can be added to the “core” offering to add functionality. These components include the SS7 gateway, SkyPhone, Sky Director or customized applications built to spec.

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