Steps to Register with STI Policy Administrator to authenticate calls with STIR/SHAKEN

Registering with the STI-PA to authenticate calls with STIR/SHAKEN is important and every service provider has the capability to control it. While this can be outsourced to another organization, we encourage you to do it yourself for three simple reasons:

  1. Your customers want full attestation on their outbound calls. You know your customers and the numbers they use, so you can do that for them. An outsourced provider might not be willing or able to do that.
  2. This is important enough that you should retain control. It can be be more expensive and risky to relinquish control over this to someone else.
  3. Becoming an authorized service provider is easy. If you need help, we are happy to provide consultation.


A voice service provider in the U.S. that wants to originate calls using STIR/SHAKEN call authentication must first register with the Policy Administrator (STI-PA), be approved, and be able to receive Service Provider Code tokens.


The STI Governance Authority has set the following requirements for voice service providers to be approved by the STI-PA:

  1. Have a current form 499-A on file with the FCC. Service providers must file this form with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). You will need to provide a copy of this form during the registration process.
  2. Have been assigned an Operating Company Number (OCN). VoIP providers can register with NECA for an OCN.
  3. Have direct access to telephone numbers from the North American Number Plan Administrator (NANPA) and National Pooling Administrator (NPA). An interconnected VoIP provider can satisfy this requirement by filing an application with the FCC. This process includes filing a public notice in the FCC Electronic Comment Filing System

Register with the PA

Once you have satisfied these three requirements, you can register with the STI-PA. They will assess a fee based upon your annual revenues listed in your 499-A.

The STI-PA will respond with a list of follow up questions.

Once your registration has been approved, you will receive login credentials to the STI-PA web portal.

The STI-PA has prepared a guidelines document with further details. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sky Networks STIR/SHAKEN Solutions

Once you have your certificate, Sky Networks can work with you to:

  1. Get the authentication and validation call flows working on your Sky DANCE system if you’re originating calls or terminating DIDs to your subscribers.  If you’re a tandem carrier it’s also important to make sure you have the right version and it’s configured properly for handling the new STIR/SHAKEN headers.
  2. Or if you’re using another system (for example ENTICE), Sky Networks can work with you to integrate authentication  and/or validation of calls with professional services and one of our solutions or we can integrate with external third parties such as Neustar .