Sky Networks: Sky PBX/Sky Central Solution

Empowering Service Providers with Massive Scalability and Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Sky Networks' Sky PBX/Sky Central solution is your next-generation platform for delivering comprehensive, multi-tenant virtual PBX services, comparable to industry giants like 3CX, Ring Central, Grasshopper, and Vonage. Whether you're catering to a handful of companies or thousands, our solution scales to meet the demands of any size enterprise, from a small office to a large corporation with multiple branch offices.

Six Cornerstones of Sky Networks' Sky PBX/Sky Central Solution:

Comprehensive Feature Set

Sky Central delivers enterprise and or residential VoIP service with an impressive suite of features, ensuring that end-users have access to a rich, seamless communication experience that rivals any traditional phone system.

Broad Device Compatibility

Whether you choose to offer your service with desktop phones for offices, mobile handsets for remote working or via WebRTC for app free operation, our system supports an extensive range of 3rd party devices. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with our Sky Phone soft phone solution, delivering tailored, cutting-edge mobility across Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Scalability at Its Core

Built on the Sky DANCE core, Sky PBX/Sky Central is designed to support your growth every step of the way. Its architecture is built to handle the ever-increasing demands of the telecommunication landscape, ensuring that as your client base expands, our solution scales in lockstep without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Tailored Versatility

Our platform is designed to be as flexible as it is powerful, accommodating a vast array of built-in services including, call centers, help desks, and hospitality systems. If you need custom services, it can be easily extended, ensuring that your offerings are as diverse as your clients' needs.

Seamless Integration

Sky PBX boasts RESTful APIs for effortless synchronization with existing CRM systems. This fluid integration facilitates a smoother operational workflow and enriches customer engagement through optimized service delivery.

Competitive and Inclusive Pricing

In line with our mission to democratize access to premier telecommunication solutions, Sky PBX/Sky Central is priced competitively. We believe in the freemium movement and extend an entry-level offering at no cost to ensure that our top-of-the-line services are accessible to everyone.

Sky Networks' Sky PBX/Sky Central is more than a product—it's a commitment to enduring partnerships, a canvas for innovation, and a testament to our dedication to providing the tools and support necessary for service providers to thrive in an evolving market. Reach out to Sky Networks to explore how our Sky PBX/Sky Central solution can transform the way you deliver virtual PBX services, and step into the future of intelligent, versatile, and reliable networking

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