Sky View

The Web Conferencing System for Enterprises, Professionals and Teams


Unlike many commercial web conferencing systems that require you to install software, Sky View runs within your web browser. Upon clicking a link, your browser runs Sky View and prompts you to join the audio bridge. There is no plugin to download, no software to install. Sky View provides high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing using the browser’s built-in support for web real-time communication (WebRTC) libraries. WebRTC is a standard supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Safari Mobile. For best results on desktop and laptops, we recommend Chrome or Firefox. For Chromebooks, we recommend the built-in Chrome browser.
Web Conferencing System Core Features

You get the core features you want including:

  • real-time audio sharing
  • video
  • presentation abilities
  • and screen view

We have also included supplemental collaboration tools such as whiteboard, shared notes, polling, and breakout rooms.

Mobile Friendly Design

Sky View supports all mobile devices and was designed for easy, intuitive use on mobile devices. Like the desktop, there is no mobile app to download or install. Sky View runs within your mobile browser.

Sky View runs on iOS version 12.2+ and Android version 6.0+. To join a session, you click a link within the browser or a mobile app and Sky View will run within Safari Mobile (iOS) or Google Chrome (Android).