Sky SS7 Gateways

Distributed Adaptive Network Control Environment


Sky Networks Offers two SS7 Gateway solutions to allow seamless interconnection to national or international networks. These can be used for origination and termination or as part of an international gateway solution. Both gateways support SS7 to/from SIP and/or SIP-T for signaling transparency. Both gateways support ANSI or ITU ISUP signaling with broad support for country variants and customization, terminating voice trunks with T1, E1, J1, DS3 and OC3/STM1 interfaces.

Sky Dance SS7 Gateway HA – A high availability, redundant solution based on either TelcoBridges SS7 gateways connecting via SIP/I or the Audiocodes Mediant 2000/3000/5000/8000 gateways. (Controlled via Sky Dance using MGCP and M3UA)

Sky Dance SS7 Gateway – This low cost gateway uses PCIx hardware inside of a standalone Sky Networks server to provide SS7 gateway services from 1-64 spans in a single or dual server form factor. Redundancy is provided by a combination of 2 servers and a failover switch.