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    Our solid core of NGN solutions work "as is" or can be customized
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    With decades of industry experience behind them, Sky Network’s
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Sky Network’s Sky Dance solution provides a massively scalable, secure infrastructure upon which any number of advanced applications can be built.

Sky Session Controller

Sky Session Controller provides admission control, service assurance and billing services as well as providing a basis for adding advanced applications

Sky SS7 Gateways

Sky Network’s SS7 Gateways seamlessly interconnect with national or international TDM networks around the world. These can be used for origination and termination or as part of an international gateway solution.

SkyPhone Softphone

Sky Network’s “Skyphone” app leverages the the latest Smartphone technology to offer, SIP based voice, video and text messaging services on the popular iPhone, Android and Windows platforms.


Sky Network’s Sky PBX allows you to offer multi-tenant hosted PBX services to your customers. Also great for IVR services, Call centers and International Dialing Centers

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