Sky Session Controller

AI-Infused Session Border Control


Sky Networks: Advancing AI-Infused Session Border Control in a Software-Driven, Cloud-Focused Era

In a world rapidly shifting towards software-centric and cloud-native solutions, why remain tethered to traditional, costly session border controllers? Sky Networks, by seamlessly integrating AI and leveraging the cloud's boundless capabilities, delivers unparalleled session border control solutions that are both cutting-edge and affordable.

Five Compelling Reasons to Choose Sky Networks for Session Border Control:

  1. Pioneering Expertise: Spearheaded by experienced architects with an esteemed history at early industry innovators like Lucent/Bell Labs, our team has been at the forefront of session border controller development since the beginning. Their seasoned insights, combined with modern AI innovations, set the gold standard in the industry.
  2. Cost-Efficiency Redefined: Sky Networks promises top-tier quality without the extravagant price tags associated with traditional solutions. By harnessing AI across our operations, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on excellence.
  3. Custom Solutions in the Cloud: Recognizing the unique telecommunication needs of every organization, our AI-driven analytics and cloud-centric approach guarantee tailored solutions that prioritize optimal performance and robust security.
  4. Future-Ready Scalability: Start lean and scale seamlessly. With our software-based approach, you can confidently expand as your business grows, all while maintaining peak efficiency and maximum reliability while reducing costs.
  5. Unwavering Client Commitment: Our extensive roster of satisfied clients stands testament to our dedication to stellar service and reliability. Partnering with Sky Networks ensures a commitment to excellence in every engagement.
Assurance and Call Admission Control
  • Admission control based on IP, calling, called number, call counts and more
  • Built in fraud-control to block hackers
  • Routelist route advance determined by static and/or dynamic parameters
  • Pre, Mid and Post called number translation
  • Calling number screening and translation
  • Comprehensive CDRs
  • Topology hiding
  • Far end NAT traversal
  • Local and/or geographic redundancy
  • Massively scaleable
  • Configurable separation of signaling and media
  • Distributed clustering architecture
  • Global and local Dial Plans
  • Service partitioning based on customer and service Type
  • Custom application triggers based on calling, called, IP and more…
  • SS7 and SIP/SIP-I based application access, interworking and brokering