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Sky Dance

Sky Dance ((D)istributed (A)daptive (N)etwork (C)ontrol (E)nvironment)

Sky Dance – is a massively scalable, secure infrastructure framework that enables companies of all sizes to build, deploy and manage advanced applications and services across any device to take full advantage of today’s ‘Internet of Things,’ or ‘smart’ technology market. Sky Dance enables the creation, scale and management of apps of all kinds incorporating voice, video, messaging, data, and other technologies . Sky Dance forms the basis for a suite of device agnostic, innovative solutions from Sky Networks.

The Sky Dance Architecture consists of a set of core functionality consisting of:

    1. A SIP Proxy
    2. A Session Controller
    3. Infrastructure Components

a) Database
b) Reporting
c) Process management
d) Inter cluster communications

Optional components can be added to the “core” offering to add functionality. These components include the SS7 gateway, SkyPhone, Sky Director or customized applications built to spec.

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