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Sky Session Controller

The Skynet Session Controller handles service assurance and call admission for the Sky Dance core.  Call count control provides granular session management.  The Session Controller also processes media streams.  Software or optional hardware based any to any codec conversion allows flexibility and efficient use of network infastructure.   Call detail records are also provided by this component to record session detail for use in billing.

 Assurance and Call Admission Control

  • Admission control baseon call counts
  • Routelist route advance determineby statiand dynamic parameters
  • PreMianPost called number translation
  • Calling number screeninand translation
  • Call admissioand blocking
  • ComprehensivCDRs
  • Topology hiding
  • Far end NAT traversal


  • Configurable separatioof signalinand media
  • Distributed clustering architecture
  • Globaand locaDiaPlans
  • Service partitioning baseon customeand servicType
  • Custom application triggers baseon calling, calledIanmore
  • SSanSIP/SIP-T based application access, interworkinand brokering